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Celeste Yarnall

Celeste yarnall

Celeste Y., PhD
"One year ago I purchased my BEMER Professional device and at that time I had been suffering for about 6 months and was being treated for a completely frozen left shoulder, with intensive chiropractic and Korean Hung protocol acupuncture. Nothing would get my left arm and shoulder moving again and I was very unhappy about that. I discontinued these treatments as I wasn’t getting any relief and proceeded only with BEMER along with good nutrition and my favorite neutraceutical supplements.

Without having any expectations as to BEMER treating a specific disease or condition, just knowing that it would be good for my overall microcirculatory system, I proceeded with the basic plan and moved into the sleep system as directed. One morning at about month four of consistent BEMER use, I woke up and without even thinking about what I was doing, stretched both arms up over my head and yawned. I suddenly realized my left shoulder was completely healed. Was it a miracle...not at all...it was just the amazing BEMER device doing exactly as it says it will do...help the body to heal itself. I can honestly say that that condition is gone and I am back to full mobility and pain free.

I am 100% devoted to my “Prime Directive” of daily and nightly BEMER use and also committed to sharing BEMER globally . I believe that this is how we can all, as we said on Star Trek, Live Long and prosper!”



Behandling vid sjukdom, stödja immunförsvaret, aktivering av den självläkande förmågan genom att stimulera mikrocirkulationen.


Positiv effekt på allmän känsla av välbefinnande, hälsa och sömn. Sammanlagt leder detta till en högre livskvalitet.

Ökad prestationsförmågaÖkad prestationsförmåga

Stöd av ämnesomsättning för prestationsökning, stärkt reaktionsförmåga, minskad risk för idrottsskador, snabbare regenerering.